Weird Quesstions. :) Help?

I have a question for you CG-ers that the CG book does not seem to clarify for me.

When you add your conditioner for the conditioning step, are you squeezing the water out of your hair first, or are you applying it over soaking-wet hair?

How about when you are doing the CO washing step? Do you sqeeze the water out first?

I have always assumed that I should not squeeze the water out first, as the book does not say to do that.

Thanks so much in advance for taking the time to read and to respond.
I don't squeeze out any water before either step. Especially for the (second) conditioning step, I find that having a lot of water in my hair helps distribute the conditioner.
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I'm with Pixie. I don't squeeze the water out for either step. I think the water helps me massage the Co in for washing and then it seems to help distribute the conditioner better too.
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Exactly what they said, the only time I squeeze water out, is when I scrunch it out after my shower is done
That's interesting...I'm not CG but I always squeeze out water before condish because I feel like otherwise it wouldn't be concentrated enough to penetrate my hair.

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I find I get the best results by not squeezing, so that is what I have always done. I was just really curious if I was the only one. Seems I am not.

If I do a deep treatment, I do squeeze the excess water out first, and I even blot with a towel before applying the DT.

Now I just need to figure out how much conditioner to leave in.

Thanks so much for the replies.

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