Opening a Natural Hair Care store in China

Hello everyone!

I currently live in China and there are NO natural hair products for black people sold there. My husband and I are opening a store and I would like to connect with suppliers. Can you help point me to the right ones or provide any suggestions on how to build a relationship with them please? I am currently in America for the next 3 months and would like to finalize some business relationships before heading back.

Hi there!

Sorry I have no advice or help but I think it's great you're opening a store for natural haircare in China. Good luck!

May I ask in which city are you planning to open the store? I'm currently residing in GuangZhou, and so far as I know, branded stuffs that are not officially available in China are imported personally by those shops (or perhaps they brought the stuffs personally to China). Some are by request (I've seen these in taobao), with a pretty high shipment costs of course....

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