That's's over (until a product gets discontinued at least)*. I have my HG's and my hair has never looked so good with so little effort.

I got the Curl Junkie Curl Assurance Smoothing Lotion and it's everything I've ever wanted. I have so many feelings right now. It's holding in the moisture, like a good leave in, but it's smoothing my hair and creating/keeping the definition. My hair is pretty defined once it's soaking wet, so it's not making curls happen, but I can squeeze water out or play around with the style of my hair and it brings the curls back...perks them up. My hair feels like hair, not like something with crunchy or sticky or oily product in it. It's not weighed down or poofy.

When I first opened the packaged I smell it, fondled it, rubbed a bit on my dry hair and I had high hopes when it refreshed a curl. I wouldn't use it on dry hair cause I think you would use a lot...and I don't use anything on dry hair. That's just not how I roll.

Being dry and having low porosity kind of sucks. Cause you can't drench hair in heavy things without it sitting there and making your hair gunky, but you still need the moisture. The DB Pumpkin Seed Conditioner has been a blessing for this and the CJ finishes the deal. It's not heavy so I can use as much as I desire to style, but it's not so light I have to use half the bottle to see any results.

It smells really good, but the scent is very light, so if you don't like it it's not a huge deal or if you're wearing another scent it won't over power or compete with it. It doesn't smell like vanilla-cotton candy (that isn't something I'd want on my head all day) I'm not sure why the website says that. It's a sweet, non food or candy, slightly floral smell. I've heard it compared on YT to a certain perfume, I've never smelt that perfume, but it does remind me of a few very nice perfumes or like a tea.

Like my DB, it's on the pricier side and I have to order it, but I can order them all from one place and if I play my cards right I can wait to order during 20% off. Also I only use three products for everything, so I think I'm saving the dollar bills there. When I want to clarify I add a drop of Suave Daily Clarifying to my cleansing conditioner. That bottle will probably last me a couple decades...seriously.

I'm so happy I don't even feel sorry for writing this essay. I needed to share !

*Even if a product gets discontinued, at least I can look for formulations like my HG's. I feel like the guess work part is over, if YKWIM.

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