So I've rediscovered the pixie curl diffusing method recently. Since I've been growing my hair out I noticed it's been harder and harder to get the same root curl I once had. I thought that the Pixie Curl method just didn't work for me, but I think the issue was that I didn't really need the volume help back when I was rockin' the short curly bob, but now I find it super helpful!

I feel like now I need to reevaluate my whole routine to see if I should be making any more changes in order to deal with my longer hair. Maybe I should retry some other products/routines that didn't work before to see if they work now!

Have you guys had moments like this, either after you cut your hair and it's a lot shorter or you've been growing it out and suddenly you have a lot more hair to deal with? What kind of changes did you have to make?

It's a little bit frustrating because I feel like I had my hair pretty well figured out but now I've got to go back to experimenting a bit.