TV Reporter-Not allowed to Go Curly-Need Advice/Pics This is one of the traffic reporters in the Philly area, I've never seen her with straight hair, and her hair always looks professional! ~~jax
2c or 3a Cut most of my hair off in July '12 and am working on regrowing it.
Jaxie , Thats exactly who I was thinking of when I read this thread . Her hair always looks nice.
The good news is: my news director has agreed to give me a couple of weeks of curly hair to experiment until I find something manageable and professional.

foxycus02....yes you are probably right. I'm sure they don't think it's professional bcs half is straight and half is curly. The other reason is because it's short and curly. Long and curly is much more acceptable than curly short. My dilemna is it will never get long while I have to straighten it.
Anyway, I have posted a few curly vs. straight hair pictures. If I didn't have a scarf on you would see just how scraggly looking the tips are. I recently got it cut at Devachan. I think I will stop by there again this week to see if he has any more advice.
Pics here:

Thanks again for the feedback. :-)
Hi Hananke,
You can always do an "up do" when you are curly.
That way your bottom half that is straight would be up and not noticeable.
Just make sure you take it down in the evening so your hair can breathe.
I have an up do shot in my picture link.

And as everyone knows...
I love Joiwhip mousse.
I also like Devacurl no poo and condition one. My hair has been growing like crazy since I switched to these products a few months ago.
Good Luck!
Can you tell us your curly routine? What products do you use? Do you let your hair air-dry, or do you diffuse? Maybe we could help you refine your routine.

Maybe you could compromise, until your damaged hair grows out and you get your curly routine down pat. For example, for a more polished look, you could comb some leave-in conditioner through your hair after showering. Then smooth your hair with your hands and then air-dry or diffuse. So instead of choosing between "curly" and "chemically straightened" you can do a "smooth and wavy" style for a while. How does that sound?

If your boss insists on straight hair, you can always just blow-dry your hair straight for on-air days.
Greencurls --- as for my curl routine... I still don't have a specific one yet. I think I like Redkin curl boost...and I think I don't like Mr. Right or Catwalk Curls Rock. That's as close as I've gotten to a curl routine. My hair is pretty fine and thin so products make it look stringy and see through easily.
I'm planning on buying some jessicurl products and giving those a try before I completely give up on the curly thing.
I know a lot of you dont' want to hear this BUT:
No matter what anyone says....I think I've come to a sad conclusion:
When you're curly and SHORT's just not as professional looking as straight. Perhaps society has programed a specific picture of professionalism in my head...I don't know.
Anyways thanks for asking and sorry for the late response.

Don't give up on trying products. Experiment during your off days.
It takes time to find good products or the right products.
Some things work for one curly and not for another.
I like Devacurl no poo but can't use their styling products.
And the Devacurl for red hair doesn't work the same as the regular Devacurl. Don't ask me why but I have the red no poo and condition one right now and I don't think they work the same.
I loved Finesse products for 99 percent of my curly life.
But when I come and linger around the hair discussion board I get the urge to try everything.
The only gel I ever had luck with is The Garnier Spray Gel.
It is a challenge but so worth it when you find things that work.
I spent a childhood struggling with this head of hair and did the straightening thing with a damaging iron called a "Curl Tamer." Thank God for the 80's and the explosion of styling products.
Today when I wear it straight it only gets washed when I go back to curly.
Good protective products and the best chi iron
Hananke, in asking about your routine, I guess I was wondering, in those pics, did you blow-dry or diffuse or air-dry your hair? Do you leave some conditioner in your hair? Do you "plop"? That kind of thing.

You may be right, straight hair may look more professional in general. So maybe you'll have to use a blow-drier and round brush to "straighten" your hair for on-air days. Then experiment with curly stuff on your off days. The pic I posted the link to shows a reporter who has beautiful curls, and she looks very polished and professional. So it can be done! But it may take you some time to get there. Post more pics as your curly hair develops!
Dorothy Krysiuk on Fox tv in Philly wears her hair curly if you eed an example. ( I haven't read the whole thread sorry if she's been mentioned already) and quite honestly I suspect that Kathy Orr is a curly ( meteoroligist on Philly's CBS station) and I wish she'd wear her hair curly becuase it always looks "off" to me.


Carol Erickson on KYW3 in plhiily is also a curly. Curly reporters should unite!
Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce & FreeCurls

I think it's totally illegal for them to like force you not to have curly hair and I work in employment law as a paralegal.

I hope you're able to find some pics that show that curly hair can be professional.

Instead of cutting it, could you just pin sections of it back, so that it's kind of up and away from your face?
3B with some 3a. Fell off but am now back on the CG bandwagon and looking for my HG products.
I just love that curly haired girls are so feisty!

My first reaction when I read your post was to suggest an updo, a french twists, twirling / twisting hair away from your face with hair accessories (i.e. headbands, sleek clips, etc.) How boring compared to other posts.

PS - My hair always looks a little more professional, when I streamline some of the curls with a curling iron.

Hope that helps.
Hey..thanks for the advice...I'll keep posting more pics as my curly hair and routine develop.
As for my routine...greencurls, I use No poo then One conditioner. I plop for maybe 10 minutes. I diffuse half way dry and leave it to dry naturally the rest of the way. Before I diffuse I use the Redkin curls stuff ..the name is below. I especially try to scrunch the bottom straight part of my hair.
I've decided I will be blowing out straight and then using a new sedu flattening iron I just bought on work days. I hope the sedu isn't too damaging.
Off days I'll experiment with curly products.
Will keep you updated with new pics.....
By the way I just ordered some jessicurl products so I can't wait to try them.

I have a great curly bob that looks professional. I have pics of it in a fotki album that I took today, so you're actually seeing the results of only adding Biolage Gelee, finger combing it off my face, and letting it air dry. I don't use poo, but I do use conditioner with a couple drops of almond oil every morning.

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