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Need some advice about frizzyness

I have small individual pieces of hair that stick out for my curls and create frizz.This is all over my hair. How can i smooth out my curls so those hairs will go away and it will be less frizzy? #Frizzballhead

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You can try sealing with an oil like jojoba or grapeseed oil after you put in your leave-in. Also, if you air dry, try not to touch your hair at all until its completely dry and if you still have frizz, you can smooth on some leave in conditioner or an oil. Sometimes, frizz can happen from the ingredients in your products too so you might want to check what ingredients are in your products and see if thats the problem.
Agree with everything in the above post.

I also have the related problem that most of my hair is 2b/2c, but I have random hairs that just really want to be 3b/3c. Like, just individual hairs that form corkscrews and refuse to clump with their neighboring waves. So if I've been using a lot of protein, they get all excited and spring off the top of my head all by themselves. They're annoying, but I'm also somewhat proud of their ambition.
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I do this:

But I will say the CGmethod has gone a long way towards encouraging uniform curls and eliminating frizz for me. Also have u tried FSG?
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