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Hey lovelies... I was wondering if someone can tell me how "overconditioned" hair looks and behaves. Still struggling to be sure where I stand on the balance of moisture and protein. I've heard overconditioned hair describes as "mushy"? How do you tell between mush and softness?

I did a deep condition last night, co-washed it out thoroughly, and my hair's a little bit greasy today. Should I clarify right after I DC so my hair's not gunky? Skip the LI when I DC? How often do you deep condition if your hair is fairly well moisturized? Thanks!
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Maybe I'm DCing with the wrong oil or too much of it...?
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CG since 3/14/13 and loving it!
If you are doing DT with oil, chances are you will end up greasy with out a low-poo wash. I do a coconut oil DT every once in a while and always do a Mild sulphate wash after.

Edit: But if you do a DT with a Deeptreatment conditioner, you dont need a low-poo or a sulphate wash

Oils tend to get greasy if applied too much
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My hair gets easily overconditioned. It looks super-shiny, like a hair commercial, but lies down flat with almost no body. My curls become sort of long and stretched out - not really loose waves, but like a poor abused Slinky that can't return to its original shape. It feels really, really smooth, but there's no bounce, no spring. I never really understood the "mushy" term, personally.

It doesn't look greasy, for me. That happens when I don't co-wash diligently enough down by my roots. I would bet on the oil being the culprit. I also do an overnight coconut oil DT, and I always low-poo after. I don't find I need a sulfate shampoo to remove the oil, but I do have to be diligent about using my finger pads to massage my scalp and really, really get every inch of my hair. It's dense, so clumps of oil can "hide" in it!
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My hair is fine and I can get over-conditioned easily. When I'm over-conditioned I get frizz that looks like very soft cotton candy. And yes, it felt mushy. Like you, I didn't really get what "mushy" meant until it happened. But when I felt my hair I thought, "Aha! THAT's what mushy is!" There was no denying it. My hair didn't feel like hair; it was more like mushy, slimy seaweed.
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I had this issue recently as well. My hair was very squishy when wet, super shiny when dry, but also pretty frizzy and limp. The "mushiness" is referring to when your hair is wet, which will lead to too much softness when dry. There is a lot of emphasis on moisture in the CG method, but some of us (such as myself) are sensitive to the moisture just as others are sensitive to dryness. I tried the gelatin PT and discovered that my hair likes protein (which is the best way to combat over conditioning, if your hair can tolerate protein). I'm glad that you have recognized what's going on with your hair...I was ready to give up on CG because of this, but it is fixable! It's all about finding the right balance for YOU and your hair.
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