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simmy_says 04-02-2013 05:10 PM

Aubreys GPB or something like that?
Hey curlies. Read my scenerio then tell me what you think.

So I have not been using Shampoo in my hair for about a month or a little over that AT ALL. Especially because I dont get build up. My hair was acting perfect. My staples were Aussie Moist conditioner. I cowash with it EVERYDAY. Then use my Trader Joes Nourish spa as a leave in that I added grape seed oil to. I used grape seed oil before i BCd and it always gave my hair a lot of shine and softness. BUT recently, my sister talked me into buying coconut oil. So, I did that. I have been using it for about a month along with aussie and trader joes. Nothing else. I would love my results.

ONE DAY i used Aubreys GPB shampoo.. I think its gpb .My sister wanted me to try it.The bottle stands for Glycerin and Protein I think. ANYWAY. It dried my hair out like CRAZY. It took my hair about a week and a half for it to act the same again.

What do you all think happened?I had to switch back to grape seed oil pretty much for my hair to act like it was. Was the coconut oil just not heavy enough for my hair so when I washed it with shampoo it just completely took out all oils versus if I was using a heavier oil. ?
Thats my theory ..

rainboe 04-02-2013 05:44 PM

It probably just dried your hair out more than you were able to moisturize it with your normal conditioner and leave-in. I've never tried that shampoo, but it might also be just particularly drying even though I know it has natural ingredients. Next time you shampoo you can try deep treating afterward, and like you said using a heavier oil.

I'm almost positive that Aussie Moist has silicones in it, so you might have a build up problem in the future and need to shampoo.

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