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I'm pretty aware of most of my properties based off of how it responds. I know I'm normal to low porosity, super high hair density, protein sensitive and all that, but I don't know the texture of my hair. It's so comparative and I don't have anyone else's hair to compare it to really, that I would ask in real life. I took a picture of it next to a pen here at work. What do you all think?

It's more for curiosity as I've mange to find products I love without this knowledge .
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If you're protein sensitive your hair is most likely on the coarse/thick camp.

You also try comparing it to a thread halved in two. If the hair is thicker than its coarse, if it's equal it's medium and smaller it's fine.
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I was hoping for a reply based on the picture I posted.
Oh, okay. Although I'm not sure that'll be very accurate...even with the pen, the proximity of the lens will alter how its thickness appears. So if you take that very photo from far the hair won't even be visible, if you take it closer it'll look more significant.
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I took it a couple inches away with my iphone? The shadow almost got in the way. My finger I guess is 3x it's size when I hold it up to the screen.
My vote is for between fine and medium- I had the hair analysis done and I compared your pic to one of my more typical strands of hair a well as one of the random coarser stands that I have (which is somewhere in the fine-medium range, possibly medium).

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Here's a link to Marsha's blog on the CJ site. It gives actual hair examples and how she would classify them Curl Junkie - Natural Hair Care for all types of Curly Hair!: My 2 cents on Protein/Texture/Porosity/Moisture Balance! :-)
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Thanks Corrina777! I picked one of my bigger strands and that's sort of what I thought.
My first reaction was fine to medium - more towards the fine. I can't be too sure from a photo - I mean, I can't really even tell on my own hair in real life (!) - but that is what I thought anyway.
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Definitely check out the link Kathymack posted. It has pics of different hair widths, I found it extremely helpful.
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I think you look about medium. You should stretch the hair out vertically and put the pencil point underneath it for another pic.
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Is this what you were thinking? I had to use some tape because my hair won't not's very annoying. And you are seeing my hair's shadow. It won't quite lay flat either...rebellious to the end and all.

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Here's a link to Marsha's blog on the CJ site. It gives actual hair examples and how she would classify them Curl Junkie - Natural Hair Care for all types of Curly Hair!: My 2 cents on Protein/Texture/Porosity/Moisture Balance! :-)
Originally Posted by kathymack

Thanks! I checked it out and it looks like I'm in the fine medium family, depending on which strand I pull. Looks like I have coarser hair in my crown and finer hair on the a donut.
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My mom had my hair analyzed once when she was in cosmotology school and they told her my hair is fine. You might ask your barber/stylist next time you go for a cut what they think. my hair is dense but when you look at the fine strands individual they're barely visible. I think that's why a lot of people perceive high density as coarse.
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