Bad Hair Days?!

You know those days when you just feel your hair doesn't look how you want it to look? Maybe it's just me and me being extra paranoid about my hair but anyway. So I have a question. What causes BHDs? Could it be that I have done something slightly different in my styling routine, causing it to look different, or is it just that my hair is behaving differently and is just misbehaving?
For me, BHD (love the acronym!) are caused by any one of four things: I need a DT, I'm using a product that my hair doesn't like for whatever reason, he weather is changing (the transitions from winter to spring and fall to winter equal a couple of weeks of BHD until my hair gets used o the new humidity patterns), or I'm way overdue for a cut. Reasons #3 and #4 are why I've been a bit frustrated with my hair lately.
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ps exluding factors such as humiditity, etc, as this is when i wake up first thing in the morning so it cant be that my hair reacts to the atmosphere without stepping outside

oh sorry, i posted this after i saw that reply, but yes, i see, for me i think its more a matter of my styling routine, i feel small differences can make a big difference to how my hair turns out. for example, the other day, i applied a hell of a lot of gel to make my hair preserve itself overnight, and woke up with it not frizzy and looser curls...i think i must have applied not enough last night though as when i woke up, i had frizz, my curls were tighter and not as uniform...

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If I'm really rough on my hair, either tossing and turning or playing rugby, the cuticle doesn't lay down automatically (I imagine it as a stubborn crease in clothing) and my hair will look frizzier than normal the next day no matter what I do to it or the products I use.
the other day, i applied a hell of a lot of gel to make my hair preserve itself overnight, and woke up with it not frizzy and looser curls
Does that actually work? I was always under the impression that too much gel would weigh my hair down and I would wake up with crusty straight strands sticking out.

And that's what I thought caused bad hair days too... hmmm. Usually I don't have bad hair days with chin-length hair. I guess I wake up with messy hair, but it's nothing that some water and scrunching can't fix within an hour or so. I think my hair just gets messy overnight because I roll around so much, and my hair is too short to pineapple...
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For me it's when I'm overdue for a haircut (as has been the case for quite a while now!), or since I style my hair at night, the way I sleep on it plays the biggest role in how it ends up looking. Every morning it is kind of a surprise to see how my hair looks, since I have no control over the tossing and turning I might do in my sleep lol.

I apply quite a bit of gel at night too, to form some sort of cast and hopefully preserve my curls! Sleeping on it gets out the crunch, and I don't have a problem with frizz this way either.

I think we're all toughest on our own hair though I've been frustrated with my hair most days recently (again, going back to being overdue for a cut lol), but I've had a couple clients compliment me on it so I guess it must not look as bad as it does in my eyes.
Hair is weird. I used to do theatre and one period production, the stylist said "Does your hair ever do the same thing twice?" Lol
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