Help! What products should i be avoiding?

Hey, so basically, i'm sorta at a loss. I mean theres so many ingredients to avoid...

Basically i live in the uk. in the uk, there is practically nothing in comparison to the products in the us. like really, the choice is pathetic. so, i was wondering what ingredients i need/dont need in order to make my hair look decent.

at the moment, in the uk, the weather is still kinda cold, sometimes wet, not warm or hot at all. my hair is also low po, medium/fine (not sure), and ranges from 2b to 3a. therefore, should i be using humectants, avoiding them?! i have no idea!.. i bought a gel which seems to have a lot of humectants, is this a bad idea?

my problems dont stop there. in a few months i will be off on holiday to thailand for a month. obviously in this country, its very hot and humid indeed. so in this case, what ingredients do i need to be avoiding/using? also i will not be using sulfates, and silicones, well at least trying to not use them. as ive mentioned before, my hair is low po, medium/fine, 2b-3a.

ps i wrote the title wrong, its not supposed to be what products should i be avoiding, but what ingredients should i be avoiding.

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