My hair seems to be unaffected by humidity? Is this so?

So recently ive been reading up on humidity and humectants and all that kinda stuff, and today, i decided to check the humidity. i live in england, and i never really thought of it as a humid area, and to my SUPRISE, the humiditiy was in its 90%. this really suprised me as it didnt feel in the SLIGHTEST bit humid, it was foggy i suppose, and a bit wet and damp, but never would i have thought it be that high!...

so this brings me back to my hair. my styling product seems to have a few humectants such as glycerin! however, usually i wouldve thought with a humidity that high, it would have really frizzed out, especially with the added humectants, but no, it looked how it normally looks i suppose. no signs of poof, and no more frizz than i would usually expect, at least, in my opinion, which seems quite strange. does this mean my hair is ok to use humectants, and my hair isnt really affected by them and the humidity? the only product i used was gel.

ps my hair is low porosity and fine, and ranges from barely wavy waves, to 3a curls.
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My hair loves water. It can be rained on and it just keeps going. I've never been in true humidity so I can't say, but my hair detangles in water slone. It just get super soft. Allegedly water makes hair tangle, but I know nothing of the sort.

Actually when I was in Germany for the summer and the weather was a bit more humid I had the best skin and hair. I don't know what the actual dew point was.
this is going to sound stupid, but what is a dew point? how do you find out a dew point?
I was asking that exact same question yesterday

soo... dew points for dummies (that's how I understand it )
1) you should check your Frizzforecast, it's on this website, under "Care". You have to type in your location and click your curl pattern. The website will give you the expected temperature for your area for the next couple of dates, the humidity percentage and the dew temperature. Then it will say if you are expected to have happy curls or not the next couple of days, and what sort of products to use to make the best out of it (humectants-antihumectants)
2) Dew points itself:
Dew point temperature can never be higher than normal temperature.
If the dew points are lower than 30, you're having low humidity and your hair curls will probably not be as springy and happy. (but you can help them with products)
If the dewpoints are between 40 and 60, you are expected to have happy curls and you can use a mix of moisture and humectants.
If the dewpoints get higher, you risk more frizz.

You don't really have to watch the humidity percentage because that's relative humidity...
Example: 80% humidity in winter when it's cold, is less humidity than those same 80% humidity in summer when it's hot...
(because it would be that 80% of the outside temperature that gives the dew point)

Did you understand my explanation?
Other curlies who know more about dew points: did I explain it correctly?
oh, so the humidity is kinda irrelevant? is that right, oh i dont know. is it the dew points you should be looking out for, or humidity? ahh
wait, so is it more like, it doesnt really matter how high the humidity is, as long as the dew points are at a good temperature right? this explains a lot. i thought that the humidity should have had some effect on my hair, although it didnt. i guess because the dew points are around 40, this explains it...

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