My hair goes soft on me at the end of the day.

So I guess this is like makeup; we want it to last all day and look great all day. I used the AVG yesterday in the shower and did my usual routine. It looked great all day but kind of got "soft" at the end of the day, if y'all know what I mean; the curls kind of "fell" a bit and looked less defined. Now: I cannot load my hair up with products because of the low porosity. So maybe I have to live with a "makeup" that lasts 8 hours - hair that looks good most of the day but not necessarily until I go to bed?
This can happen to me even early in the day. I do the terrible sin then of combing it gently with a wide tooth comb. Then I have big nice smooth waves/curls. It looks line I roller set my hair. I feel lucky that it does something that looks purposeful. But I also do not have much of a frizz problem so I don't know if you have frizz if that will work.
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What about adding a pea size amount of biosilk rock hard gelee on top of your curl keeper? I know you said you can't slather on products, but the beauty of this gel is that a pea sized amount is all you need. Plus it will give you some crunch to scrunch out without weighing you down. It might even hold your curls better all day.
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Are you replacing your LI with the AVG? Maybe it was just too much moisture?
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