Lighter Alternative To Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus

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I dont know that jellies are less sticky. I use Biotera Gel, and have not found that to be sticky but I dont use a lot. I would suggest you try to find a sample of Curl Keeper. It works well for a lot of people.
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You should ask Kathymack, she is a pro at jellies. I know there are many popular ones beside homemade FSG and KCCC. There is also spiral solutions curl enhancing jelly, aubrey organics mandarin magic, as i am, etc. All I know is they may be sticky in my hand but if I apply the appropriate amount they leave a super light gel cast that either unfurls itself in an hour or so or scrunches out with a graze of my fingers. My hair just loves them. I just got some curl keeper from my lovely friend in the mail the other day and applied a dime size on dry hair post workout to see if it killed frizz the same way my FSG does. Well, it did. Like magic. Impressive stuff. I'll have to try it out soon as a styler. See if it likes my coarse hair as well as Myrna's.
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I finally got the Carrots and tried it this morning. It was a good day to try it. Very humid today. I think it may work. I had a good hair day. It wasn't so moisturized that it took forever to dry but the curls had nice body and the frizz was under control. I went really easy on the leave in because I was worried about going over board. I also didn't use the anti-frizz serum until later in the day after I saw how it dried with just the leave in. I didn't feel in desperate need of the serum but I put some on dry hair later. I think tomorrow I can use more leave in and the serum in the morning and will have even better luck. I am still not thrilled with some of the chemicals I see in the carrot products but for now I guess I am OK with it. I also wish I could get the leave in and anti-frizz serum in a store instead of ordering online. I can't find them around here. I am still interested in the Kinky Curly Products and jellies. I will have to check them out eventually. Thanks to everyone for all of your help and advice. If anyone else has thoughts I would still love to heard them.
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