It's getting to a point where the front/top of my hair flops and doesn't retain height. I have a can of Sebastian Hairspray that I was going to use along time ago, but didn't, because I didn't want dry, crunchy hair.

After looking at pics of Tanika Ray and seeing her on TV, I'm starting to believe she uses hairspray to keep her hair in place, along with a strawset. Her texture is more 3c (I'm 4a), but if I'm flopping at the top, then she must be too.

What I want to know from hairspray users is are you still able to get decent SECOND day hair or do you rewash and start over?

HAIR TYPE: 4a all over/3c around nape/edges; Last relaxer -4/4/02; Big chop - 4/16/03
PW: flower