Is it possible to damage the scalp?

So, some background info. I used to straighten my hair a lot when I was younger and didn't bother with heat protecting. As a result, I suffered major hair damage, but my hair is now healthy... for the most part.

The hair along my front is the problem. It is still damaged (not defined, dry, and frizzy) from 5 years ago and is significantly shorter than the rest of my hair, even though the rest of my hair is long. It just refuses to grow at the same rate (or even close to it) as the rest of my hair. It really stands out.

This is probably due that I used to spend most of my time straightening the front, thus damaging the scalp or follicles perhaps? Has anyone experienced this issue and resolved it? Any advice or tips would be much appreciated.

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The scalp is kinda like an extension of the face so it's just like skin everywhere else. It can damage with burns or serious wounds like skin does in general.

The follicles can definitely sustain damage but...I don't think heat would because heat is external (on the strands) and the follicles are internal. For example, relaxers can affect the follicles and damage them because they can burn the scalp (simply put). Weaves/braids can also cause follicle damage if they pulled the hair out repeatedly...but not heat.

Could it be that the hair is a different texture or porosity there and may need something different? For example if your hair is fine, but these are coarse. When you do your protein treatment these get hard/tangled causing breakage while the others thrive. Do they have the same properties as the rest of your hair?
The frontal hair is definitely a different texture/porosity. I'm not sure how I would define the rest of my hair in terms of porosity, but it tends to absorb water at a slow rate. Whereas, my frontal hair absorbs water even slower. The frontal is also very coarse compared to the rest, which are fine.

I've never tried a protein treatment as well.

I suppose it is just a different type of hair and I never noticed it until after I stopped straightening my hair.

Do people usually just try different conditioners on the coarse parts of their hair?

3c/3b - Hair Goal: Grow curls to midback
If the front of your hair has thicker strands and is coarser you should be careful to not put too much protein on it. I tend to put extra conditioner and product on the areas of my hair which are even dryer and more highly porous if that helps. For me it is the right and the back. But I have a grab bag of coarse and medium-coarse hairs all around I think so it would be too difficult to try and treat those areas differently.
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