Alcohol in products... AARGGGHHH good and bad ones?

Hi all...
please help me with my alcohol problem...lollll.

pretty much every single thing i pick up has some kind of alcohol ingredient, it seems unavoidable. ive been told there are certain ones that have no negative effects and can be ignored, and others that you absolutely should avoid....

anyone got a list? or a link? i cant find one myself

cetearyl alcohol?
benzyl alcohol?
etc etc etc... has an ingredient dictionary. It's mostly for cosmetics but it mostly translates.
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Just google them. Wikipedia pretty much has every alcohol.
Bad, drying alcohols: menthanol, ethanol, propanol, SDA40, SD alcohols, alcohol denat., specially denaturated alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, propyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol, benzyl alcohol and 'alcohol'.

Good, fatty alcohols: everything else

Keep in mind that it's not bad for most people when a bad alcohol is low in the ingredients list. I frequently use this and it's not drying at all.

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Here is a list of drying alcohols to avoid:
Denatured alcohol
SD alcohol 40
Witch hazel
SD alcohol
Propyl alcohol
Isopropyl alcohol

Here is a list of moisturizing alcohols to look for:
Behenyl alcohol
Cetearyl alcohol
Cetyl alcohol
Isocetyl alcohol
Isostearyl alcohol
Lauryl alcohol
Myristyl alcohol
Stearyl alcohol
C30-50 Alcohols
Lanolin alcohol

The info is here: How to Determine if a Hair Product is Curly Girl Approved

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Excuse my bad english

Thank you all!

Sooo happy my conditioner doesn't have a bad one in it!!! Yayyyy!!!!
So helpful... Copy, paste, use next shop. Woot!

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