GVP Products from Sally's and Shine Serums!

I recently went to a Sally's and I could only stop there for five minutes so I picked up the GVP Conditioning Balm along with the smaller bottle of Cure Care and a tub of Ecostyler gel. I did check out some of the other products but didn't have time to really look through them all but I was really just curious about the other GVP products. Which ones are CG? (I couldn't read all the labels...) And which ones that are CG are worth trying?

Another question. I like when my hair has a shine to it. I was wondering if there were any shine serums that didn't cost too much that were CG. All the ones I find have silicone in them and I didn't want to buy water-based lubricant because that is still pretty expensive when you look at the ounces you get per dollar.

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Nobody knows of any shine serums or any other good GVP products??

The only CG shine serum I can think of isn't a GVP product- it's a in the L'Oreal EverSLEEK line (it's not the new Argan oil- they have a silicone free serum similar to Frizz-Ease). As far as GVP products, my personal favorite is Liquid Sculpting Gel. It's glycerin free, has tons of protein, and the thin consistency is great for giving my hair the thinner clumps that I prefer.

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Biotera gel and the GVP conditioner.
It's not cheap, and you can't buy at Sally's....but Jane carter nourish and shine adds shine like you wouldn't believe!!!! You only need a little so it will last a loooong time. I use it to SOTC and smooth away frizz throughout the day.
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Experimenting with Got2B Ultra gel and loving it so far!

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