Should i do the big chop!! (pictures)

Ok so i have been transitioning for a year and i think im ready to big chop
I cut the all the straight peices off on a piece of hair .Whats my curl type and what products do u recommend.i want to cut it but ive never had short hair.Here are some pics

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Your curl type seems to be 3b/3c. I can't really tell you what products you should use seen as I don't have the same type as you and everyone's hair likes different things but what I advise you to do is experiment with different products. Don't be afraid to be a product junkie Sometimes it helps you determine what products your hair likes and what products go well together. Maybe search type 3 hair and see what other type 3 people use in their hair to see if it works for you?

Hope this helps!!
thanks this helped
Originally Posted by mixedecua
you're welcome!

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