before and after!

so i decided to do a before and after type of thing... here are some pics (sorry about me blocking out my face.. i dont really feel comfortable putting my face "out there" if you know what i mean..):

so that was back when i was STICK straight... but as time progressed...

wavies!! yay! this isnt really the best picture i have of my hair, but its the best one that i have of that "phase" of my hair...

this was about 1 1/2 weeks ago... my hair is was curly in the front but sort of straight in the back....

yay! this is the back of my hair today!!! i recently started CG so this is how my hair has turned out in the back compared to the other on of 1 1/2 weeks ago...

so that was my before and after... big change huh?
your curl pattern looks a lot like mine, especially in the back.
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You've come a long way!
Mine was less curly in the back for a while, the back is catching up now though!
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That's amazing how much hair can change just by the care it's given! It looks beautiful

Wow! Big change! Looks great!

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I was wondering how the changes occurred? I know hair texture can change overtime, but was the first pic of naturally straight hair? I'm trying to get my back and underlying layers to get a little curlier. Was wondering if there was a process you followed.
yes, in the first picture my hair was naturally straight. there was no process that i followed, my hair just started changing. sorry that i cant help much...
hi there, its just amzig isnt it what the hair can do, my hair was wavy then i stopped using shampoo five weeks ago and now its (to steal a word) wavycelli, and getting curlier! i would love to know what makes your hair do this, especially as twistedgirls hair was so straight!! over what time period did your hair go from straight to curly? it looks beautiful.
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