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naturegirl5 04-19-2013 06:01 PM

help curly hair problems
I have had curly perms since I was 18 until now its been good. I got a curly perm 5 mths ago. It is gross. Piggy back was done year and half ago. My hair dresser didn't do the same just a regular rod tech. now my top is straight with only a few waves. It cost me 80 bucks for gross curls. Can I get a piggy back just on my top the bottom hair is really curly.

anonymous_133347 04-20-2013 02:58 AM

Hmmm not sure this is the right site for that because it's called naturally curly. LOL! I don't know about perms but I think you should rename the thread, "Calling all hairdressers--question about botched perm!" or something like that. And I'd definitely try to get your money back.

bleuyteuy 04-20-2013 03:18 AM

Never reperm hair. If it has already been processed then only tbe new growth need to be permed or you will fry your hair.

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