The Body shop products

Hi everyone!

Yesterday I discovered this wonderful shop called The Body Shop (I know: "only now?").
Product junkie as I am... I bought a lot of products...

So: I bought like almost everything (but the minibottles, to try) from the rainforest lines (except for the balance line since I don't have oily hair or scalp) and body butter and so on...

There are still a couple of things I would like to know though...
1) Do you like the bodyshop hair products? Which ones have you tried and why do(n't) you like them?

2) for the rainforest line: the shampoos are both sulfate and silicone free, but with the conditioner and butter I saw this ingredient "Distearoylethyl Hydroxyethylmonium Methosulfate (Antistatic Agent)" and I started getting very very confused... On the bottle itself those products don't claim being sulfatefree, but when I look up the products here on NC it says they are sulfate free... So: is this ingredient a real sulfate or not? (in other words: can I use it being CG?)

3) I haven't bought the banana conditioner yet...
I wanted to know: is that one CG friendly?
And can you use it to do a PT treatment? since it does have banana, right?
Is it high in proteins or not? (at the moment it seems I 'm overproteined... but I'm sure I was underproteined a month ago)
I use the rainforest moisture conditioner as a leave in and i like it.
The shampoos and conditioners are sulfate And silicone free it says so on the lable..
I checked again: my conditioner says "no silicones, no parabens, no colorants" but it doesn't say anything about sulfates...
erm i don't know about the ...methosulfate question.

I have tried the moisture shampoo, condish and DT, and the blueberry (color care?) condish. I like the conditioners as they seem to promote clumps. The blueberry smells better than the moisture one. The moisture shampoo was too drying.
It's not a real sulfate and is CG friendly. It's a detangling/conditioning agent.

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Distearoylethyl Hydroxyethylmonium Methosulfate is not a sulfate. Like Corrina said, it's a conditioning/detangling agent and it's even milder than behentrimonium chloride.

I really like the Rainforest Moisture Conditioner!!! My hair felt great after using this.

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I'll probably use the shampoo like... on tuesday or so since I only want to change 1 thing at a time to be able to see the progress or bad effects on my hair (I'm already going to use a hair mask today that I've never used before).
And if that works out ok, I'll probably try the conditioner on thursday (or maybe BRHGgel)

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