Are all sulfates bad?

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Okay so i bought herbal essences hello hydration. i have a feeling the ingredients are slightly different here in the uk, as i was looking at the condish and to my suprise, and annoyance i saw a sulfate. this confused me as arent sulfates drying and supposed to be in shampoo. anyway, so what im asking is, is this sulfate- Behentrimonium Methosulfate bad? If this is a drying sulfate, what can i do to counteract it,like add an oil or something? Please answer, thanks
It's a detangling agent, not a cleansing ingredient.

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To add to what Corrina777 said, the sulfates that you want to watch for are sodium lauryl sulfate and ammonium lauryl sulfate. Those are both very stripping cleansing agents.

A lot of "low sulfate" products contain sodium laureth sulfate of ammonium laureth sulfate. These are gentler, but some still find them to be too much.

Even lower on the harshness scale would be ingredients like cocomidopropyl betaine, which aren't sulfates at all but are cleansing agents.

Here's a good article with more info: Surfactants, Sulfates, and You

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I don't think sulfates are bad for everyone. If your hair loves it, use it.
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