Shiny Defined Curls

I am new to the CG method. I have been using suave coconut conditioner for no-poo cleansing, shea moisture retention conditioner as rinse out, then shea moisture coconut milk, and curl cream as styling products. I am trying different styling methods such as twirling my curls around my finger, twist or braid outs and simply wash & go. I am getting great definition around my head, but the middle seems to not want to cooperate. The middle of my hair has a bit tighter curl pattern and when I twirl my hair these parts won't stay twirled. I am looking for shiny, defined curls, like the girl I keep seeing in the ever curl ads on this site (lol). Any suggestions on what I'm missing to keep my curls moisturized and defined, no frizz, and shiny. It seems to be very well moisturized though. Any pointers would be appreciated.
Sounds like you need something with more hold and maybe to elongate the curl a little. Have you tried KCCC?
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