Help for mother's thin brittle hair

I'm doing well with products for myself and my fiancée, thanks to following the boards (thanks for that everyone!) but I want to try and help my mother. Her hair is completely different than mine is. She has very thin very fine hair that has a lot of breakage. She's always worn it bob length, and not really wavy or curly, but styled, via curling iron or flat iron into the same wavy style since the 80's. She's not open to cowashing; she wants something that says "shampoo" on the bottle. She recently switched from her regular shampoo to abba because i told her about sulfates so she knows to look for no sulfates in a shampoo, but that was too drying, so now she switched to pureology. She likes it, but it's expensive. I think she still uses biolage conditioner and colors her hair regularly. I would love to help her find products to make her hair healthy and strong again and it would be even better if they were a good price.

Thanks for any advice,
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She probably needs both protein and moisture. It's all about getting the balance right. Is she still using the curling iron?? If so, the damage will continue on the same level. Her hair isn't strong, or resilient, enough for all of the damage she's causing.

Would she use a cleanse instead of a shampoo. Something with a gentle surfactant?? CJ Daily Fix, just looked up the Curly Kinks one and it isn't there.

I'd also suggest moisturizing PTs like CJ Repair Me or the SS Protein Repair.
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