My Curls Are Looking Less Uniform

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And maybe less curly. I think I may be getting too good at this protein avoidance thing. I don't think I need to invest in an expensive protein treatment or daily conditioner that will make my hair crispy, so I'm wondering if you all could recommend a cheap gentle protein treatment.

I'm just not sure if it's that or if I've over clarified trying to rid my hair of shea butter.

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Sally's has a GVP version of K-Pak. You might want to try to look for something with either keratin or silk proteins, as these seem to be tolerated better by many protein-sensitive curlies.

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Thank you, unfortunately it has mineral oil and aloe in it. Also Sally's is a PITA to get to in Portland.
My cheap and easy protein boost unfortunately comes from Sally's Beauty. It's Neutral Protein Filler, which comes in a little bottle. I add a few drops to my conditioner whenever my hair seems to need a boost of protein, and it seems to be all I need.

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