Crisco for Natural Hair

So I have been researching Crisco being used for hair, and I have heard a lot of good things from it sealing in moisture, to adding nutrients to your hair. I would just like to know have any of you ever tested out crisco, and if so what was your experience like?
i would love to know about this too. you mean the crisco that you cook with?
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I've tried it for pressing both my hair (3b) and my daughter's hair (4a)

Absolutely loved the results but could not get past the smell.

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It will probably help but the smell and the I would leave it for the cooking.
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Its actually not greasy. It is more of a lighter type of product that is nonheavy on the hair.

I am a fine 3b and my 4a daughter is even finer. It didn't feel greasy on our hair at all. If it were heavy and greasy I wouldn't have used it at all.

OP, you may be able to add a few drops of an essential oil to make it smell better. I keep meaning to research if anyone has ever tried this but keep forgetting to.

And the smell might not bother you. It's certainly used by a lot of folks hair-wise.

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Yeah that's more of a personal thing because I have the same with other oils and products, that most of the time I don't really like the smell, but then it, someone else doesn't notice it all, so it's just a personal thing.
I haven't used it personally, but there is a lady in a hair group that I'm apart of who makes a concoction using crisco and some other stuff that people on the board rave about all the time. let me go see if I can find her recipe.
ok I found it, this is what she uses

2-3 tbsp of veggie shortening
1 tbsp of gel
2 tsp of evoo
good squeeze of glycerin
4-6 tbsp of conditioner

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