Getting a Deva Cut!

I'm getting a Deva Cut tomorrow!! I can't wait, but I'm pretty nervous too. I want to get something shorter for summer, maybe something bob-esque I'm really frustrated and bored with my hair now!
My stylist is well reviewed, so my expectations are rather high. I'm not sure how I would look with a short style though... I want something pretty, fun, and still together looking.
These pics are a day I diffused, which I don't do a lot because it seems to make my hair much drier and crazy. The other pic is a cut I like, but my favorite is on the link. It's Saila's "also last year" cut, post #330. I didn't feel right copying her picture, but I guess a link is okay.
I'm looking for a bit of encouragement I suppose, I haven't had my hair above my shoulders since primary school! Do you think a short style would 'work' for me?
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Getting a Deva Cut!-uploadfromtaptalk1367015998228.jpg   Getting a Deva Cut!-uploadfromtaptalk1367016032740.jpg   Getting a Deva Cut!-uploadfromtaptalk1367017146340.jpg  
curl type: 2c/3a
porosity: low
hair strand width: medium
density: thick
elasticity: low-normal
Shoulder length

Ready to get back on the CG bandwagon!
Your curls are AMAZING (I have so much hair envy right now).

I think you could rock the bob- your curls look big enough that they wouldn't go crazy if you took a few inches off. I also think it would look really pretty for summer.

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