How do you all feel about straight hair?

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I think straight hair looks really nice on people who have it naturally. It all depends on if the hair is healthy. I've seen some very pretty straight hair.

Jessiebanana, we've had threads before complaining about how wavy hair isn't curly, and wavies have it much easier. The reason people react is that you don't really understand what a wavy's background might be or how hard it is to have their hair. Like, when I was a kid I remember brushing my hair endlessly because I thought if I brushed it enough it would be straight, and it would always just become this giant, ugly poof. It was frizzy and dry. Discovering this forum and the CG method in high school was a revelation for me, because I had never felt like my hair was capable of looking pretty before then. A lot of us have had a hard time with our hair, and we feel like it's been really difficult to figure out how to style and treat it. That's why we joined an entire community about curly hair care. So, when you say that our hair is as easy as straight hair and that we don't have legit problems, it just makes us feel alienated because we know that isn't true. I think of wavy hair as really loose, lazy curly hair. It's a spectrum; It's not like there's some great division line where wavy hair turns into legitimate curly hair. Here, I'm definitively classified as a wavy, but in the regular world I'm pretty much always going to hear that people like my "curly" hair.

I will say that my routine definitely has more in common with a curly than a straighty. I can't brush my hair or it poofs out. I use the same curly hair products that a lot of people use. I need tons of moisture. I tend to follow advice from people with my hair properties without regard for their curl type. A lot of the tips on NC work for me, and that's why I come to this website. I imagine 3C hair might be different to deal with than my hair, but your experience is also probably different than someone with 3a hair or 4b hair. Just because you do things differently doesn't mean that your have it harder.
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I used to have stair hair envy. Now I know what I am doing with my hair, I love it
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A little envious because it's just so easy, and that includes "2" hair as well. I consider wavy hair to be straight for the most part.
Originally Posted by Jessiebanana
When I wore my 2b hair straight-ish yes it was fairly easy ... because all I did was tie it in a ponytail wet and leave it there virtually 24/7 for years. I would also have to brush in hairspray repeatedly during a day at work. I did all that because I'd long since given up trying to tame the pouf/ fluff/ frizz without heat. By the time I found CG my hair was badly damaged, loads of breaks all round the hairline and at the back, thinning at the ends and super porous. If I'd heat styled it as well I'd have had no hair left!

When I had my last layered cut that the hairdresser said would work with my waves I had Farrah Fawcett sides by the time I'd walked the five minutes to work. Occasionally I'd heat style it straight for a night out only to have pouf/ fluff/ frizz within an hour or two depending how overheated I got (I have a sweating issue anyway) or if the weather was inclement.

I really appreciate the guidance, support and information from 3 and 4 'curly sisters' both on forums and on YouTube. I'm sad you don't feel that 2s are your 'sisters'. My hair may be easIER than yours I don't know but it honestly was never easy.
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There will be times I like straighten hair, but it annoys me how some girls with straight hair curl their hair 24/7 and call it beautiful. When a girl with naturally curly hair is considered ugly to some girls with straight hair.
Originally Posted by BeautyisMiree
This is the epitome of everything. I rarely get compliments on my curly hair but these straights who curl their hair always get tons of compliments because it's so perfect.
Originally Posted by angelicak
I can always tell curling wand hair from real curly hair. Quite frankly I think real curly hair is much prettier even though it doesn't look as polished. On the contrary, that polished look is a turn off to me now. It looks fake. And now when I look at old pictures of myself with straightened hair it not only looks fake to me but very fried.
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As a wavycurly, I also think wavy hair isn't straight hair. It behaves very differently. True straight hair, (which I think is rarer than curly hair because so many "straights" I know own flat irons,) does not frizz. And all frizz is is hair that's been displaced from its natural pattern. That's why when you brush out curly/wavy hair, you wind up with a big old bush. I also think wavier hair has more of a mind of its own than curlier hair. I've been trying to help my wavy mom manage her hair which is a mix of 2A-2C and it's extremely unpredictable.
Originally Posted by dusalocks
This is so true. I had straight hair until my teens, then had curly hair which is now mostly wavy. But on my head currently I have a completely straight section, a large wavy section and also a curly section. The wavy hair is not similar to the straight - even though it can lose its curl pattern easily it does not lie flat and smooth, it has that frizzed out look, while the straight section is always silky smooth and flat as anything, no matter what is done to it. So to me the wavy and curly bits have much more in common with each other, in terms of how you have to treat them and how they behave, than the straight bit. Also, the wavy bit is the most unpredictable - the curls will curl and the straight bit will be straight, but what the waves will do is anyone's guess. If anything wavy hair is super responsive to what you do, whereas the other areas respond less and stay truer to type for me.

I'm not saying anything about who has it 'harder', which for me personally is much more about condition than curl pattern anyway. I don't think it should be hard whatever way if your hair is in good condition, and you accept its natural ways, including the reality of frizz etc. I embrace the fact that my hair is unpredictable and often super messy or frizzy. Those are characteristics of a great hair category! I really do love that, maybe I'm deranged but I think it adds interest!

I'm just saying that wavy hair is very different than straight, and probably very different from the curliest types too. For me anyway, I can't speak for anyone else as I've never had anyone else's hair. Although it seems like curly/wavy types can have a lot in common in terms of products etc if their properties are similar.

The whole type thing is somewhat divisive anyway and while there are big changes from straight to wavy to curly on a broad scale, the specific divisions are just a guide someone made up. I mean there is no magic transformative dividing line between 2c/3a where you change dramatically, it is just a sliding scale.

Ps. very sorry for novel!
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Trying out new things, still looking.

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I feel super sexy with straight hair, like bombshell beautiful. With curly hair I am less secure. I am a very type A person and like things to be very put together and placed where I want them. Curls are harder for me, but I'm getting better. I'm new to wearing my hair curly.
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I feel more like me when my hair is curly, almost as if I'm cheating when my hair is straight haha. It's refreshing to straighten it once in a while but after a few days i start missing my curls. Also since I've been growing out my hair it's interesting to see how long it's getting

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