Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut Conditioner getting harder to find locally

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here in San Francisco. In fact, lately I haven't seen it all(the last few months.) I hope not to have to order this online as this was formerly available at any drugstore. Does anyone here know if it's being discontinued? For that matter I haven't even seen that many of the others(the light blue one and the lilac colored one - can't remember the names of them). I was using the Tropical Coconut one as my co-wash ever since 2009, having lucked out on that being the first one I tried going CG and sticking with it. Since I'm on a drugstore/Sally Beauty supply budget and also have very thick hair although it's not long, I do have to go cheap with my products. Not in a position to use of these "cleansing conditioners" either as they're more expensive.
I've had to resort lately to using a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner(Renpure Originals Argan Oil) which is OK, but I did like the lesser expense of the Suave and rotating a rinse-out conditioner, and my protein+deep moisture treatments.
Any other good cheap co-washing conditioners that are sulfate and silicone-free? Preferably drugstore, but Sally OK(not as convenient for me to get there). Thanks!
I'm in the SF bay area too, but I've had no problems finding it at walmart, cvs, walgrees, rite aid, or target. It's important that I can find it locally too because it's a major staple in regimen.

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I'm in the Pacific Northwest and still see it EVERYWHERE here. I think that scent is actually one of Suave's most popular ones, so i'd be very surprised if it got discontinued! I JUST started the CG Method 6 days ago and this conditioner has been amazing, i LOVE it!
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I love VO5's Vanilla Mint Tea. You can get it at Wal-Mart for $0.88 a bottle!!
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In the city itself, we have no Rite-Aid(they pulled out several years ago and Walgreen's took over their stores), and no Walmart. One has to go to the East Bay for Walmart and I almost never get over there. We do have Walgreens(all over the place)and CVS - more of those are happening in the city. The thing about a lot of Walgreen's in the city is that not all of them really have enough shelf space for a lot of stuff, so I guess they have to limit it to what's hot and new. For instance, a lot of space has been devoted to new L'Oreal products. I don't get out of the city that much to surrounding cities. They didn't even have this conditioner in the health and beauty department at Bed Bath & Beyond either and they usually did.
@tambalina: I'll keep an eye out for that VO-5 Vanilla Mint Tea one - thanks!
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I use for a lot of my household cleaners, toiletries, etc. You order $25 or more and they do next day delivery for free. They carry most of the Suave Naturals line and even products from Shea Moisture, Kinky Girl, etc. Some prices are comparable to what you'd see at the drug store, some may be a few cents higher - but the convenience of free quick shipping (and being able to order stapels like toilet paper to be brought right to your door makes it worth it for me.
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garnier fructis pure clean conditioner works fine for a cowashh for me. Insanely cheap as well.
garnier fructis pure clean conditioner works fine for a cowashh for me. Insanely cheap as well.
Originally Posted by morganrc
Thanks so much for this!! it's been really hard finding cheaper cowashes around here lately. Can't find Suave at all...
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garnier fructis pure clean conditioner works fine for a cowashh for me. Insanely cheap as well.
Originally Posted by morganrc
Good to know! My daughter loves this as a rinse out.
I've used the GVP conditioning balm as a co-wash too with success. It's around $5 or so for a 16 oz bottle. Also, Sally has this that's super cheap for a gallon ($9 with card) and it works nicely as a co-wash. As for a rinse out, I've added honey to it in my palm to make it more conditioning and it works nicely. HTH.

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