I'm not styling ny hair anymore. I am completely eliminating that step from my routine. I'm tired of my hair not looking nice and not looking like an adult. I also got a hair cut, at great clips, as I don't have the money for expensive hair cuts. I had her even out all the layers from my deva cut. I'm not necessarily giving up, I'm just not styling, and it feels softer and healthier after just two days. My hair has been soft and healthy for a while, but you could never tell cause my styled hair didn't look good. I've always been a simplistic girl, so this should work well for me. I don't brush it still, but I am able to run my fingers through it. Obviously, I like my hair better when I manipulate it to do what I want, but since that's so impossible, I'll just stick to the basics. Wish me luck!

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2B, Coarse, Low-Medium Porosity, Dense.
-Cowash - Kiss My Face Whenever.
-Rinse Out/Leave in - Nature's Gate Biotin.
-No stylers.