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Is it possible to overdo it? I saw a few youtube videos, featuring Massey saying that there is no such thing as too much conditioner/conditioning for curly heads. And, several years ago when I too had lighted, long hair, I would have agreed.

But now, I am going out a pixie and my hair isn't damaged as it is still quite short and not bleached or dyed.

I have been co-washing (using a silicone free Tresemme conditioner), sometimes using a watery mix of conditioner for a leave in. Or, sometimes using AG Recoil.

But, my hair seems to show build up in no time (like that day!), feeling VERY dirty and looking wet (on the bright side, it isn't frizzy).

I find that my hair looks and feels best on days that I use a sulfate free shampoo (this shocks me! I used to dread 'wash day' once a week, bec my hair would be out of control), NO CONDITIONER and then either a tiny, tiny bit of Sebastian Potion 9 (contains an a-cone) or just briefly glossing over my wet hair with a leave-in-cream.

My hair is 3 a/3b, fine, porous (I think) and dense.

Am I using the wrong products (too heavy a conditioner - does such a thing exist?) or using the right products wrongly? I am nervous about not conditioning daily - will my hair dry out or show damage in the long run?

** my profile pic is an example of 'just washed' hair **
Growing out a pixie (last big cut July 2012)
3a? 3b? Fine, dense. Porous.
Finally sulfate free. Avoiding silicones.

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You may be using too much of the recoil. I found there was a learning curve with it- I have shoulder length hair and use about a kidney bean sized blob.

I find my wash days are good now too! I don't see any harm in washing more often if that works for you. With short hair, I feel like your natural scalp oils can get to the ends of your hair, unlike longer hair. There is definitely the possibility of over conditioning! HTH!
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i usually use a protein rinse out at least once a week or once every two weeks. if your curls look limp and not as tight then you might need a protein rinse out.
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First ingredient in Recoil is polyquat 55. It has polyquat 10 further down the list. While polyquats aren't supposed to build up, they do cause "issues" for me--frizz when wet. I need to use a shampoo with a strong surfactant to "remove" them. Your build up could be caused by the polyquats on top of the a cone.

My hair prefers the more natural products from the online, boutique type companies. I stay away from most chemicals, especially polyquats.
3a (Corkicelli), highlighted, fine, low porosity

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Maybe you are putting conditioning products too close to the roots?

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