CG-Friendly Mousse Recommendations?

Gel does the exact same thing to my 2B hair which is also low/med porosity.....drags it down and makes it look weighted. I use mousse exclusively, and my favorite so far has been this one

Condition 3-in-1*Maximum Hold Mousse | Walgreens

Don't let the boring, unassuming bottle and cheap price fool you. It works great! Helps me with my frizz and keeps my hair bouncy and flowy all day, which is the look I like. If I use gel I have to keep messing with and "fixing" my hair to make it look good. This mousse helps my hair look its best, but it's not contrived. It also has a nice smell that dissipates quickly and is CG friendly. I currently have 8 bottles under my sink
Originally Posted by wavywonder
For those who live in the south I just found this at Publix for $2.99. They had both bottles with the pink writing and the purple writing. I got the purple which is the "maximum hold."

I also just bought the Moroccanoil Curl Defining mousse for $23.20 at Regis and used it on dry hair. Regis did say I could return it within 30 days if used and 60 days if not used.The smell, while good, was powerful and lingered. On dry hair I thought it was so-so. I will try on soaking wet hair and report back.

I also tried a sample of the DevaCurl Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam at Ulta on dry hair (one side of my head) and really liked it - much better than the Moraccanoil mouse on dry hair. I didn't purchase it because I am waiting for a 20% off coupon.
2C/Fine Texture/Normal Porosity/Normal Elasticity/Very Humid Climate
all the herbal essence mouses are cg!
Originally Posted by hambo02
I was just about to type this I like the tousle me softly even though my hair is 3c curly kinky instead of wavy. I'm gonna try the totally twisted one later this week
Originally Posted by CurlyCutie1394

YES!!! That's great to know!! I just started the CG Method last week and have been wanting to find a mousse to try for my roller sets (VERY dense 4c hair with fine and medium strands) I'd like to try mousse first, if that doesn't work I'll try the Jane Carter Wrap and Roll Foam.

I want to try the HE Set Me Up Extra Hold mousse.

Thanks a ton for the tip!!

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