parting your hair

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I've tried lots of stuff:
-Applying products upside down = hairs sticking straight up through small, stringy clumps.
-Applying product side-to-side with minimal manipulation and mod-super soaking = flattish bangs that are difficult to reposition but are well clumped.
-Combing part/bangs = very flat and difficult to reposition/fix, okay clumps.
-Remove some excess water from length with towel (microfiber or flour) and flip/shake to loosen crown/front area, I also manipulate the roots at the front some by gripping them between my outstretched fingers and kind of wiggling, then apply styler side-to-side with mod-super soaker as needed to help clumps = best results yet, decent volume, minimal escaped baby hairs and decent clumps, fairly easy to reposition. Yay!
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This is what I'm happiest with right now.
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Angelicak, try clipping your bangs where you would like them to lie before your hair is completely dry, or even after. I clip mine into place after I dry my hair while I put my make up on to get them to do as they're told.

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Originally Posted by Yoshimi
How do I clip I still can't figure it out!
Originally Posted by angelicak
Well here's what mine looks like when I clip to get my part.parting your hair-uploadfromtaptalk1368195992441.jpg

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parting is long and flat hair ?

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