Saunas (at the gym)

I wasn't sure which forum to post so I figured I'd try here...(x-posted in non hair)

I LOVE the Sauna...the extreme heat, I just love it. I like the "sweat" I get from being in there after a workout. What I'm starting to wonder is if the dry heat (clarification - Saunas are the ones w/ the wood benches and dry heat) is drying my hair out. I go in the sauna 4-5 times a week for 10-20 mins when I'm in the gym. Incidentally, I never go in the Steam Room because I like to be in a swimsuit since it's so wet (and steamy) in there you can't even sit down without being totally wet when you're done

I am 4 a/b and I cut my locs back in Dec. I do no poo and use good products avoiding all the commonly known bad stuff but my hair is just stiff/dry considering all the love I'm giving it. I wonder if I should trade my Sauna time for Steam Room time. I know that steaming the hair is a great way to condition the hair.

While we're on the topic isn't the Sauna supposed to be good for your skin? I thought so. I have super oily/acne prone skin. I feel like the Sauna helps me sweat out toxins. I wash my face after leaving and I do feel like I my skin feels better after a good sweat, which I guess could also be achieved with sweating in the Steam Room instead.

Last bit of info....I live in a super humid city (although it's winter so it's not real humid now) and I also use a cool humidifier in my bedroom every night. I started doing this at the recommendation of a doctor several years ago after I experienced some bad nose bleeds from frequent (i.e. twice weekly) airplane travel. I don't fly often now but I still like to get my moisture.

I'd appreciate anyones insight on this!!

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well I can barely spend 2 minutes in the sauna at my gym without feeling like I am suffocating, but I can definitely see that heat drying out hair. Is it possible to scrunch a bit of conditioner in your hair right before you go in?
Hmm, I honestly can't say that I've noticed if it dries out my hair or not. I usually try to spend 15-20 mins in there if possible, but sometimes it's just five. I love how my skin glows afterwards.
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yeah that's my problem...i love it for my skin but i do think i need moist heat for my hair...i guess being in there is like living in the desert...which is probably bad for the hair. i think i'm going to try the steam room for 2 weeks, no sauna, and see if i notice a difference!
a dreamy pisces
please recycle, it matters...
i change lives...through fitness
i'm more relaxed being natural

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