I wanted to try something different to manipulate my curl pattern... I was aiming to loosen it a bit into a sort of a wave. And I wanted to use no heat. So after watching a few tutorials I decided to try rag curls. I think for most wavy or straight hair, this would make tighter, spiral curls. On my hair, I got soft waves with ringlets at the bottom. I actually really like it! It's big and soft and shiny, and I can run my fingers through it. There is some frizz but I think it adds to the style, just my opinion lol. I don't know how it will hold up to the weather though...... So I will report back later. Has anyone else tried rag curls or other methods of achieving different textured styles? I really want to find a heatless way to get my hair to look like the actress who plays Jane Rizzoli on Rizzoli and Isles. Her hair is BEAUTIFUL. I would love having other options with my hair besides big and curly or straight and flat. TIA

PS: added some pics of results, before going out and after. I loved this!!!!
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Rag Curls on 3A hair-ragcurls2.jpg   Rag Curls on 3A hair-ragcurls.jpg  
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2C-3A MBL layered
Medium/fine texture, high density, normal porosity and elasticity. Dry climate.

Cleanse: SM MR, YTC
Hydrate: Joico Kpak,DevaCurl OC
Style: AG reCoil, LALSG

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