Help: New Naturalista Completely Lost

Hello Everyone:

I recently went natural after transitioning for a year. It has been two weeks since the bc and I'm completely lost. lol The main problem I'm having is identifying my hair type. I'm reading so many blogs and websites that categorize products by hair types and etc...I thought it might be helpful for me to know mines starting out. I'm thinking a 4b/4c. It would be amazing if anyone could tell me if I'm right or not!

Also, any tips on how NOT to become a product junkie? I caught myself in Target wanting to buy everything...that cannot be good! lol

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Dont worry about your hair type as much as what you are trying to do. Some of my products can be used as a 1, 2 ,3 or a 4. but if u want to know, more picture will help us help you. Even try post a pic of a single strand ao we can see the size and pattern of the curl.

As for products, it happens. Share and swap as msuch as possible. Read labels. A lot of the stuff is basically the same. And purchase with a goal in mind. And remember cheap brands can work wonders too

Is there anything else you are trying to achieve that you need help with? I would focus on that.

Welcome and good luck.

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