Ocean water is great for my hair! Anyone else?!

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I've finally decided that I'm not imagining things. I go to the beach often enough, and this last time I noticed again that after getting my hair wet in the ocean my hair is extra conditioned. I don't even have to shampoo the salt out, I just co-wash it out and it's so soft, and no I don't rinse my hair immediately. I spent at least 5 hours on the beach before going back to the room to co-wash. I was so convinced off this that when I got home I added a teaspoon of fine sea salt to several handfuls of conditioner to test this theory out. I had to dilute the salt in a tiny bit of water first before adding. Let's just say my hair is super soft today. I did not sit under the dryer though because I was not sure if that would cause a bad reaction. I just put a cap on and let it sit for about an hour. So does anyone else's hair love beach water.
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It makes my hair curlier, for sure, but it's been so long since I've been to the beach that I can't say I remember it being softer! Great that it does that for you, tho!
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I *love* your hair! Maybe your hair likes softer water?
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I WISH mine liked salt water....I go to the beach all the time! It's a tangly rat's nest afterward.
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Yeah...salt might be nice on my hair for a second, but it gets very dry with continuous use. My hair does seem to really like lake water...not sure what's up with that.
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My hair gets more curly and voluminous at the beach but dries over time.

I agree with Jules! I love your hair!

Also, re:Jules... does adding salt to water soften it?
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I noticed the same thing. I live in New England so I only go to the beach between may-august every year. I haven't gone yet this year, but last year was the first time natural.

That being said, I would come home with super soft hair and the curls would be so shiny with nothing in it. The only negative was a super itchy scalp because of the actual sand LOL. I saw that Nexxus came out with a spray that has sea-salt. However, I think its the second to last ingredient so what you are doing is probably better anyway.
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