I just wanted to comment on a post that I had seen from(2010). I just saw it today. A woman commented on how she hated her curly hair cut and how the stylist cut the top shorter or something. I wanted her to know that I go to a salon that is Devachan certified my stylist is certified from Lorraine Massey herself. When they cut your hair they cut each curl so that if falls into place and when it grows out it grows out properly. If you do not like your hair curly and where it straight most of the time then chances are you are not going to like a curly cut. She also commented that they put allot of gel and it feels stiff not Curly girl products because I felt that same way until she put the light gel in my hair it does not feel stiff at all. My point is there are some stylist out there that claim to cut curly hair if they are not certified by Lorraine Massey herself than that is not a proper curly cut. To cut curly hair takes precision not just anyone can do it. Before you get a curly cut find out if your stylist is in fact certified to cut curly hair and I'm sure you will love the cut. One more thing Curly Girl hair products have nothing in there that would make your hair feel hard.