It is strange how I can go from thinking I know about curls well to back to square one again. Right now my hair is fine since I seem to know how to handle my hair decently in winter (summertime is like a battlefield though). However, after the first day of washing, my hair gets a bit on the fuzzy side especially with the windy cold weather. I leave some of the conditioner in my hair and put some gel in, crunch out the scrunch from the gel and let it dry. Afterwards when my hair starts frizzing a bit, I put some hair creme in and try not to put much to avoid product overload. But still haven't found a balance. I tried putting some hair serum but that backfired. Instead of having polished, shiny, defined curls, I have a friz solo, dull shine and less defined hair. The only plus is my hair feels nice and soft. Any suggestions?