HELP!!! Has anyone tried the bioinfusion product line?

Has anyone tried the bioinfusion product line? I bought the "Daily Rosemary Mint Conditioner" today and I'm a bit sceptical about it because I read that it has vinegar in it as an ingredient. Is vinegar something good or bad for my natural hair? I'm hearing mixed reviews.

P.S this is my FIRST post on here, so I'm not to sure how it goes, PLEASE HELP
I've looked at this line a few times while wandering the hair aisle but I need protein. The one you got is CG but I think some of the deep treatments had cones. I would suspect the vinegar is to adjust the pH, I wouldn't expect it to cause problems in a well formulated conditioner. Lots of CGers use diluted apple cider vinegar rinses to lightly clarify and close the hair cuticle. Frequent use of any acid, even diluted on the hair can cause damage and degradation but I would expect that a conditioner labeled for daily use would have a low enough amount that it wouldn't cause problems. I see no reason not to try it, if it had protein in it I probably would have bought one myself.
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