My curls are drooping.

They look great when I leave in the morning - I have been using CK and Deva foam - bouncy, well defined - and by the end of the day - kind of droopy, a bit fuzzy, way too soft.

Anyone else have this issue, and what works for you??
Maybe you need a stronger hold. . .? A lot of people use a hard hold gel to finish things off. Although I understand if you wouldn't want to. I hate hard hold gels too.
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Yeah, sounds like between the serum and the foam you aren't really getting any hold.

I think maintaining the same level of curl all day, for looser curl types, might be a bit overrated and come at a cost.
Dusa, I have tried a harder hold gel instead of the Deva foam, and I dont get the same kind of curl formation. So there are tradeoffs. And, My hair tends to frizz more. Jessie I agree that it may be an unrealistic expectation. Sometime I t hink the more we load on our hair, the more the potential for it to react adversely to atmospheric conditions.
I agree - there are trade offs. For me, I don't like to layer products since my hair is fine, not especially thick and doesn't have the tightest curl pattern. I prefer decent curl formation and a soft feel without any sort of crispy look. Although a harder hold gel would keep my curls from softening the way they normally do by the end of the day, I can't stand the stiffer look and how my hair feels with a hard hold gel. I keep going back to KCCC - although now I have that okra gel on order. Still looking for the holy grail - one product that will allow me to have the good curl formation with a soft look and touch that I get from KCCC but with longer hold....
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If you don't want to change the products you're using I would suggest diffusing. The weight on your hair as it dries naturally tends to loosen the curl. If you don't like to diffuse or aren't using heat at all I would suggest trying a mousse over the Deva foam. I like HE TTCBM. If you don't over do it you won't get that crunchy look after you SOTC plus it's cheap.
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SS CEJ mixed with FHG does well for me (if I let it COMEPLETELY dry). Otherwise without BHRG that's going to happen to me.

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