Is it just me?

So i've been trying to get on with Ecostyler olive oil. I really want to use this because as i live in the uk, there is pretty much zero good gels, and ecostyler is a gel i can purchase online...however. i dont know if this is just me,or has anyone else experienced this. whenever i use it, it just doesnt seem to hold my hair, by the time its dry, it frizzes out as if it has no product in. is this because i havent been applying a good amount? or is it my hair? i apply to wet hair (not sopping).

ps, i have high density, 3a curls with an extremely loose waved underlayer, low porosity, medium width (i think)
I also had a problem with the ecostyler gel. I clumps my hair very well when it is wet, but then after it dried... frizzy, dull and dry hair... Maybe it will work better if you put a good leave in/cream underneath. You have to try some different product that will work well with the gel i think, because the creams i've used underneath didnt work well together with the ecostyler, it became either sticky or i got this white balls in my hair. I ditched the gel because i didnt wanna test loads of other product that will work. but maybe you can give it a try since loads of ppl do like the gel. If turns out that you cant make it work, you can always order another gel online.. or make your own? i like flaxseed gel. its very easy to make and you will be sure it hasnt any bad ingredients. There are loads of recipes online. You can also make okra gel, havent tried that yet though..

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