First Post! Hello fellow curlies, my hair has been natural for about 6 or 7 years and it was mostly because i realized i didn't actually need a relaxer. my hair type is mostly 3b with a little 3c. It's on the dry side but i'm thinking that may mostly be because i'm still learning the best way to take care of it. i recently got a color correction (it was soooo necessary) and now i'm doing some heavy pampering so my hair won't be mad at me anymore. I typically use Curls curlicious cleansing cream, and curl ecstasy hair tea. i also use as i am coconut cowash. So far since the color i've added Curl Junkie's repair me, and kbb's luscious hair mask. i'm using it for the first time now. Like, literally i'm sitting here with the hair mask and a shower cap on my head. so far so good, but i think i need to step up my protective style game. i usually get frustrated and straighten it. i really don't know how to go more than a few days with my curly hair. so here i am, requesting an SOS! simple protective styles, new products with an emphasis on moisture and styling! Thanks everyone!!

PS i totally posted this somewhere else but i think it was the wrong location. how do i delete a post????