Looking to slowly shorten my hair

Over the years my hair has gotten pretty long because I always ask for a 1/2 trim and that has seemed to do the trick! But I've changed my styling routine and think I'd prefer it shorter. I'm thinking about getting a half inch cut more frequently until I hit that sweet spot/length. Crazy?!
How often do you get a trim? Hair grows about 1/2" a month, so if you really want to go shorter, you'll probably need to cut more than that off. I "slowly" chopped my hair off over the past 3 mos, lol. I went from bra strap length to chin length. 6" off the first time, and another 3" off the next month.
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I usually get a trim every 3 months so if I go once/month I figure it'll get shorter and shorter. My hair must grow slow because I compared the length from a pic two years ago to today and I swear it's only a tiny bit longer.
Are you sure your hairdresser is only cutting half an inch off? Many have a rather unusual idea of what that actually is. Otherwise are you sure you are not losing some ends to breakage? Hair that is a few years 'old' can have lost the entire cuticle simply through weathering (washing, combing, rubbing on fabric etc.) which leaves it very vulnerable.

If I want my hair shorter I trim it myself using the ponytail method, an inch at a time.
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Hi, am new to this forum and also new to natural hair i actually cut all my permed hair off yesterday. I had in braids for about 2 months, but did not perm a month before braiding. My hair is 4 inches now. Am excited, but i need some advice on how to maintain my natural hair in the right way.
ps: Am from Belize, Caribbean
DCWavy Lady, I rarely let anyone cut more then three inches off my hair at a time. This is because, as Firefox said, most stylists I've dealt with don't know how to measure. Having wavy or curly hair makes it even harder. I would maybe get 3 inches of every 3 months or so to save money and to give you and your hair time to adjust to each cut.
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Hmmm...maybe she cuts more like an inch and I just don't realize it. It seems like only half an inch. If I cut off 3 inches it would be dramatic and I'm not ready for that big of a change. Want to take it slow. Otherwise, I know myself-I'll freak out!

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