What do you think of the cornrows hairstyle (men), and which of these people suit em?

Alright, this is a hair forum so I don't think I need to tell people not to be judgmental and bash the hairstyle thinking it's some "foolish", "dirty" or "ghetto" hairstyle like some people have commented previously... (on other websites of course)

Mods, I am not sure if this is the right section to posts this, if not then move it to the right section.

So firstly, I would like your general opinion on cornrows on men (You like 'em, not a fan, they look mediocre, no comment)

And secondly, some people think cornrows only can ever look good on black people, but I've found a bunch of pictures of non-blacks (some have black blood but not 100% black are any of them) with nicely done cornrows (they're tight and fairly neat). So I would also like your opinion on which of these people you think can pull of cornrows, cannot pull them off, or just look mediocre with them;

And this question is purely subjective so don't try to treat anything you say as a "fact".











Alright thanks!
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Hmmm well I tend to prefer them on women with swagger ...cause I'm gay and biased like that. Secondly I'm not as into them on white boys. Any person of color really, but there is something about fair (non Asian-olive) skin and a lot of scalp showing that just doesn't do it for me. They looked good on David Beckham, but I'm a firm believer he can wear any style. Seriously though I think it worked for him because his hair was blonde. I think it contrasts less with the skin showing. JMO.

I don't think there is anything "ghetto" about it and I grew up in the ghetto, now a brown yuppie. It's one of those styles that were really only worn by black people and because black people were, and still are to a certain extent, associated with low SES, plenty of ignorant people draw conclusions about a hair style that's practical for individuals with short coily hair.

I do think you have to be prepared to be judged if you wear you hair like this, but it's not different than a fro, dreads, or any other natural hair style, so it's nothing new for us.
I agree with what JessieBanana said. I think cornrows look pretty nice on some people. It depends on if they look good with hair pulled back and away from the face. Like, if they have the kind of face and scalp to be flattering with that look. I also don't like super elaborate styles/designs in cornrows, personally. I like simpler looking cornrows. I particularly think the guys in 2, 8, 9, and 10 look very nice in that hair style.
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