coconut oil and smelly scalp??

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well actually my scalp smelled days after the coconut and cowashes and reg washes so I picked up some t/gel and washed my air with it. it killed whatever it was on my scalp. awful for my hair but my scalp for now is cured. Ill keep doing this once in a while. thanks for the help guys!
Originally Posted by hambo02
What was the point of this thread? You totally ignored the advice given and self treated based on a self diagnosis. T-Gel cures nothing.
Originally Posted by Firefox7275
haha sorry about that. the oils just made it worse. just ignore this thread now i guess or maybe others will use it if they have the same problem. sorry about that
I'm glad the gel seemed to help for now, as it must be frustrating to have to deal w/the unpleasant odor, but it sounds like you really should go to your primary care physician if the smell comes back. The one good thing about atypical bodily smells is that they can help signal a need for medical care. Once you take care of the underlying issue that causes the smell, you have a better chance of remaining symptom-free
Originally Posted by Korkscrew
thank you!

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