Yes to Carrots conditioner?

Which YTC is it that everyone raves about here? The scalp relief or daily pampering? Here are the links to the two different ones:

Yes to Carrots Daily Pampering Hair Care Regimen -- Save 12%!

Yes to Carrots Scalp Relief Regimen
2A/B. Mix of fine, medium, and coarse (mostly medium). Dense. Mix of normal and high porosity.
Dry climate.

I like (and think most people use) the pampering conditioner, it is without a doubt one of my favorite RO conditioners, its moisturizing and helps detangle without being too heavy. The scalp relief conditioner I believe has Salicylic Acid, which is used in most dandruff type shampoos and it is usually drying.
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Stylers-SM souffle topped with BRHG*

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The Carrots conditioner is way too heavy for me. It coats my hair and irritated my scalp quicker than anything CG I've ever tried. Your hair won't be dry though! It's just too much for me.
I use Yes to Cucumbers, and for me it's way better then Yes to Carrots. It seems like (but I'm not really sure it is) it is less thcik as the Carrots version...
So if I say I use YTC, I mean Yes to Cucumbers
I use YTC pampering. Amazing for detangling!
CG, High Porosity, Fine, Low Density, Medium Elasticity
Suave, V05, GF Go clean gel, ACV rinses, CO, and Gelatine PT.
TY all so much! I picked it up and tried far so good.
2A/B. Mix of fine, medium, and coarse (mostly medium). Dense. Mix of normal and high porosity.
Dry climate.

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