I also find it strange that people don't like the taste of water because it doesn't really taste of anything. But my friend, who feels the same, has been drinking fruit tea to try to increase her water intake. She boils a big ole pitcher's worth of decaffeinated berry tea in the morning, puts that in the fridge to chill after its seeped, transfers it to a giant container, and goes about her day. Just a suggestion. Kind of like flavored water only nobody's adulterating the mix with any less than savory additives. Sometimes flavored water has stuff like splenda in it.
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Lol most people do find it strange but speaking only of bottled water, I can taste the difference in the brands. The only brand I find tolerable is Dasani, and that's at room temperature. (This makes me sound so picky, but on the flip side i'll eat anything.) I might have to try fruit tea! Thank you for the suggestion.
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I can't stand tea either. Guess I'm a really odd one. Health nuts would probably cringe at my food & liquid intake.
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