All my problems in one post.

I posted a while back (a looooooong while back) about not having the CG method do much for me, and after putting up with the routine for a few more months, I'm sorry to say that I wasn't rewarded with the beautiful, shiny, soft curls I was promised. I've been cowashing every time I wash (with the occasional sulfate-free shampoo wash maybe once every few weeks) and leaving some conditioner in, pineappling while sleeping, air-drying, plopping, applying numerous gels and creams, combing only when in the shower, diagnosing my hair as low porosity and trying the cherry lola treatment... I'm an 18-year-old with 2c/3a hair, although I can't tell truly because my hair has never routinely curled enough for me to be sure.

My scalp often has a mild smell (just a skin or human smell) that doesn't seem to go away, and feels greasy after the second day. None of my curls ever seem to clump very well, and if they do, it's only after taking two hours in the bathroom and avoiding touching my hair at all costs - even then I still have a veritable measure of curls that tried to clump but failed. I end up with half my hair crunchy from the gel and half of it free and frizzy. My hair rarely ever curls from the scalp; I usually start to get curls at below ear-length. I absolutely hate the sticky feeling I get from touching my hair after it dries, and I absolutely hate having my hair (product freshly applied) touch my face or drip down my back. I definitely do not want to put up with that kind of discomfort just for good hair. If there's no hope for me, I'm completely willing to shave it off - that's how frustrated I am.

Whether I use sulfate shampoo and silicone conditioner or switch to CG products, no matter what the length, everything stays the same. I end up with a gross wad of course, thick, wiry hair that consumes my entire head. I was called Hermione in grade school, and I'm really hoping I can drop the moniker before college this fall. It's gotten to the point where I can't leave it down at all, lest it fall into my face and frizz, get in my food, or mask my face completely.

I've been using the Yes to Carrots and Yes to Cucumbers conditioners (leaving some in), alternating between VO5 and Tresemme Naturals conditioners as cowashes, using Aussie gel, and... I've tried so many leave-ins that I can't even begin to name them all.

I'm at a complete loss. Complete. Sorry for the vat of complaints, but... I truly don't know what to do.
Welcome back. I would say do two things ASAP, firstly get your scalp problem formally diagnosed by your family doctor, secondly get a hair analysis so you are sure of your hair properties.
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Once you have done that, consider your dew points/ humidity and choose products based on the ingredients.

Many of us with looser curl patterns don't have hair that curls from the scalp, that is normal. The more styling you do upside down the more likely you are to get curl close to the scalp, from washing to product application to diffuser drying. Also doing it all upside down will keep dripping wet hair off your face and back, and makes it easier to get a clean scalp. Are you massaging your scalp as you rinse your co-wash product away and are you left with literally 'squeaky' clean hair?

If half your hair is crunchy and half frizzy that would suggest your product application technique is poor, you are not getting an even spread. Are you doing 'scrunch and pump' or 'supersoaker', have you read the stuff on clumping in the stickies?

Maybe post some photos so people can see what you mean?
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It might help to get more water out of your hair. I apply my leave in (Yes to Carrots Condish) and cream to fresh out of the shower hair, but then I scrunch with my hands (squeezing out water), scrunch with a t shirt, and plop to get the water out. My hair doesn't drip down my face and back. After that I put in my gel. What is your routine? How are you drying your hair? What order you do put in products? Seriously, take us through the whole shower-to-finish process. Also, if you're trying to do the CG thing where you try to only wash out some of your conditioner and leave the rest in, that doesn't work for everyone. It can lead to poor product distribution. I usually wash out all my conditioner, then I take a little and work it through my freshly rinsed hair. I've found that just plopping leaves my hair too wet and weighed down. I agree with Firefox about applying product bent over with your head tilted upside down. that helps a lot. I also agree that it sounds like your product isn't getting through all of your hair. Have you tried raking in product to soaking wet hair? For me, my hair has to be wet enough where I'm not breaking up the curl, then raking in product works really well. Also, it might help to introduce a low poo into your routine occasionally to help with the scalp smell.
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